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$?310,000PLAYERBASE SALARYSIGN BONUSALL BONUSESCAP VALUESALARYPOSITION $?1,000,000 $?10,100,000 $?7,020,000 $?15,100,000 $?1,000,000 $?6,250,000 $?5,006,240 $?10,006,240 $?1,535,000 $?4,881,760 $?8,601,760 $?620,000 $?4,000,000 $?5,006,240 $?8,006,240 $?1,000,000 $?3,000,000 $?4,006,240 $?6,006,240 $?4,000,000 $?6,250,000 $?4,000,000 $?3,600,000 $?6,404,160 $?3,604,160 $?3,600,000 $?6,367,500 $?3,600,000 $?1,983,181 $?1,305,000 $?4,462,470 $?3,290,651 $?1,000,000 $?1,000,000 $?2,506,240 $?3,006,240 $?3,000,000 $?4,404,160 $?3,004,160 $?850,000 $?1,300,000 $?1,830,200 $?2,805,200 $?2,070,000 $?3,191,760 $?2,076,760 $?2,000,000 $?2,755,720 $?2,005,720 $?1,933,636 $?3,103,846 $?1,938,316 $?1,715,000 $?1,721,760 $?1,721,760 $?1,600,000 $?2,231,760 $?1,606,760 $?1,545,000 $?1,551,760 $?1,551,760 $?1,000,000 $?500,000 $?1,506,760 $?1,506,760 $?1,000,000 $?500,000 $?1,172,906 $?1,506,240 $?310,000 $?1,000,000 $?560,000 $?1,310,000 $?310,000 $?1,252,000 $?1,252,000 $?1,010,000 $?145,000 $?1,010,000 $?1,161,110 $?1,010,000 $?1,016,760 $?1,016,760 $?1,010,000 $?1,016,760 $?1,016,760 $?1,010,000 $?1,016,760 $?1,016,760 $?1,000,000 $?1,206,760 $?1,006,760 $?840,000 $?1,321,760 $?846,760 $?310,000 $?529,520 $?486,506 $?839,520 $?823,750 $?2,357,500 $?823,750 $?385,000 $?669,260 $?735,760 $?640,000 $?816,760 $?646,760 $?620,000 $?869,260 $?626,760 $?620,000 $?462,600 $?622,600 $?620,000 $?3,120,000 $?620,000 $?620,000 $?324,705 $?620,000 $?570,000 $?1,456,760 $?576,760 $?535,000 $?806,760 $?541,760 $?460,000 $?562,428 $?466,760 $?460,000 $?504,428 $?466,760 $?460,000 $?466,760 $?466,760 $?460,000 $?559,760 $?466,760 $?460,000 $?501,760 $?466,760 $?460,000 $?634,328 $?466,760 $?310,000 $?156,050 $?362,016 $?466,050 $?460,000 $?463,640 $?463,640 $?460,000 $?351,765 $?460,000 $?385,000 $?539,593 $?391,760 $?385,000 $?236,760 $?391,760 $?385,000 $?595,126 $?391,760 $?385,000 $?489,926 $?391,760 $?385,000 $?391,760 $?391,760 $?385,000 $?409,526 $?391,760 $?385,000 $?391,760 $?391,760 $?385,000 $?6,760 $?514,801 $?391,760 $?385,000 $?563,760 $?391,760 $?310,000 $?316,760 $?316,760 $?310,000 $?2,000 $?312,000 $?312,000 $?310,000 $?2,000 $?217,000 $?312,000 $?310,000 $?1,000 $?311,000 $?311,000 $?310,000 $?215,000 $?310,000PLAYERBASE SALARYSIGN BONUSALL BONUSESCAP VALUESALARYPOSITION $?4,600,000 $?4,400,000 $?6,577,182 $?9,002,600 $?3,500,000 $?8,564,431 $?6,997,761 $?3,400,000 $?2,100,000 $?5,593,746 $?6,502,080 $?3,000,000 $?3,000,000 $?4,975,000 $?6,375,000 $?2,250,000 $?4,000,000 $?6,250,000 $?6,250,000 $?385,000 $?2,816,455 $?6,243,330 $?1,900,000 $?3,000,000 $?2,750,000 $?5,000,000 $?3,000,000 $?5,600,000 $?3,600,000 $?1,450,000 $?2,000,000 $?1,850,000 $?3,450,000 $?1,500,000 $?850,000 $?2,927,470 $?3,352,470 $?2,475,000 $?3,675,000 $?3,175,000 $?1,820,000 $?1,170,000 $?2,215,590 $?2,995,590 $?2,355,000 $?4,823,750 $?2,855,000 $?310,000 $?2,000,000 $?1,235,000 $?2,835,000 $?1,245,000 $?2,796,240 $?2,747,990 $?1,000,000 $?2,751,950 $?2,501,950 $?1,000,000 $?2,720,000 $?2,500,000 $?1,500,000 $?2,552,340 $?2,402,340 $?500,000 $?1,100,000 $?1,428,770 $?2,253,770 $?310,000 $?1,720,000 $?740,000 $?2,030,000 $?1,000,000 $?2,043,750 $?2,000,000 $?310,000 $?1,400,000 $?660,000 $?1,710,000 $?1,175,000 $?1,762,992 $?1,626,560 $?1,500,000 $?2,651,560 $?1,501,560 $?1,090,000 $?1,404,160 $?1,344,160 $?1,010,000 $?1,015,590 $?1,015,590 $?1,010,000 $?1,015,590 $?1,015,590 $?800,000 $?1,100,000 $?1,000,000 $?835,000 $?1,837,500 $?885,000 $?845,000 $?596,471 $?845,000 $?635,000 $?100,000 $?735,000 $?785,000 $?310,000 $?461,000 $?425,250 $?771,000 $?600,000 $?1,067,000 $?700,000 $?620,000 $?50,000 $?514,550 $?674,550 $?630,000 $?2,208,233 $?632,080 $?620,000 $?620,000 $?620,000 $?620,000 $?324,706 $?620,000 $?535,000 $?736,320 $?540,070 $?535,000 $?503,529 $?535,000 $?310,000 $?188,150 $?357,037 $?498,150 $?460,000 $?465,850 $?465,850 $?460,000 $?465,590 $?465,590 $?460,000 $?822,950 $?465,200 $?460,000 $?250,200 $?465,200 $?460,000 $?489,887 $?465,200 $?450,000 $?804,900 $?453,900 $?310,000 $?106,800 $?336,700 $?416,800 $?385,000 $?390,850 $?390,850 $?385,000 $?390,720 $?390,720 $?385,000 $?591,080 $?390,330 $?385,000 $?489,700 $?390,200 $?385,000 $?404,220 $?390,070 $?385,000 $?504,242 $?389,030 $?385,000 $?401,887 $?388,380 $?385,000 $?339,706 $?385,000 $?310,000 $?59,125 $?324,781 $?369,125 $?310,000 $?5,460 $?315,460 $?315,460 $?310,000 $?217,210 $?312,210 $?310,000 $?2,000 $?311,000 $?312,000 $?310,000 $?311,690 $?311,690 $?310,000 $?1,000 $?310,333 $?311,000 $?310,000 $?215,130 $?310,130 $?310,000 $?273,529 $?310,000PLAYERBASE SALARYSIGN BONUSALL BONUSESCAP VALUESALARYPOSITION $?16,683,000 $?19,183,000 $?16,683,000 $?4,000,000 $?10,000,000 $?7,005,460 $?14,005,460 $?5,000,000 $?5,000,000 $?6,005,980 $?10,005,980 $?3,200,000 $?3,125,000 $?8,591,670 $?6,325,000 $?2,000,000 $?3,670,000 $?3,881,771 $?5,770,000 $?1,100,000 $?2,052,500 $?2,389,886 $?5,210,720 $?2,100,000 $?1,665,000 $?3,888,000 $?3,765,000 $?1,550,000 $?1,155,000 $?2,325,619 $?2,805,000 $?2,743,750 $?4,012,230 $?2,749,730 $?2,200,000 $?3,746,250 $?2,300,000 $?2,100,000 $?2,825,000 $?2,200,000 $?1,750,000 $?3,862,882 $?2,000,000 $?310,000 $?1,540,000 $?695,000 $?1,850,000 $?1,825,000 $?2,987,750 $?1,831,500 $?925,000 $?725,000 $?1,670,000 $?1,750,000 $?1,700,000 $?1,750,000 $?1,750,000 $?1,545,000 $?1,551,760 $?1,551,760 $?1,500,000 $?1,905,980 $?1,505,980 $?1,500,000 $?1,752,990 $?1,502,990 $?310,000 $?944,000 $?546,000 $?1,254,000 $?875,000 $?337,500 $?1,325,543 $?1,214,190 $?1,000,000 $?2,100,000 $?1,100,000 $?460,000 $?814,940 $?1,074,940 $?1,010,000 $?1,015,980 $?1,015,980 $?310,000 $?673,125 $?478,281 $?983,125 $?850,000 $?1,150,000 $?950,000 $?820,000 $?1,045,000 $?870,000 $?845,000 $?378,824 $?845,000 $?310,000 $?492,400 $?433,100 $?802,400 $?310,000 $?435,813 $?418,953 $?745,813 $?745,000 $?482,941 $?745,000 $?645,000 $?1,610,000 $?745,000 $?620,000 $?685,000 $?635,000 $?535,000 $?886,500 $?621,500 $?460,000 $?929,500 $?510,000 $?310,000 $?171,590 $?352,897 $?481,590 $?460,000 $?468,428 $?466,760 $?460,000 $?466,500 $?466,500 $?460,000 $?508,990 $?466,240 $?460,000 $?643,220 $?465,720 $?460,000 $?465,460 $?465,460 $?460,000 $?297,647 $?465,200 $?460,000 $?460,000 $?464,420 $?460,000 $?461,560 $?461,560 $?385,000 $?588,856 $?391,760 $?385,000 $?405,835 $?391,760 $?385,000 $?438,812 $?391,500 $?385,000 $?400,602 $?391,500 $?385,000 $?391,500 $?391,500 $?385,000 $?604,530 $?390,980 $?310,000 $?60,900 $?325,225 $?370,900 $?310,000 $?30,000 $?326,500 $?346,500 $?310,000 $?20,000 $?316,666 $?330,000 $?310,000 $?8,000 $?312,666 $?318,000 $?310,000 $?316,500 $?316,500 $?310,000 $?314,420 $?314,420 $?310,000 $?4,000 $?310,000 $?314,000PLAYERBASE SALARYSIGN BONUSALL BONUSESCAP VALUESALARYPOSITION $?14,944,090 $?7,000,000 $?11,534,999 $?22,044,090 $?620,000 $?9,090,000 $?7,790,000 $?620,000 $?1,800,000 $?4,950,000 $?6,300,000 $?5,625,000 $?10,185,511 $?6,125,000 $?1,100,000 $?6,766,666 $?6,100,000 $?1,350,000 $?1,000,000 $?5,333,333 $?6,000,000 $?385,000 $?2,149,700 $?5,955,200 $?550,000 $?6,885,833 $?5,750,000 $?4,800,000 $?6,464,056 $?4,805,200 $?1,750,000 $?1,000,000 $?3,488,533 $?3,755,200 $?2,250,000 $?4,670,566 $?3,300,000 $?2,333,333 $?4,133,333 $?3,133,333 $?2,900,000 $?4,866,666 $?2,950,000 $?750,000 $?2,905,070 $?2,905,070 $?750,000 $?550,000 $?2,383,333 $?2,750,000 $?900,000 $?500,000 $?1,750,000 $?2,000,000 $?900,000 $?635,294 $?1,706,760 $?1,500,000 $?1,550,000 $?1,550,000 $?1,000,000 $?2,171,216 $?1,504,550 $?1,000,000 $?500,000 $?1,501,560 $?1,501,560 $?765,000 $?1,581,666 $?1,215,000 $?675,000 $?500,000 $?1,200,000 $?1,200,000 $?1,030,000 $?1,390,200 $?1,060,200 $?310,000 $?740,000 $?495,000 $?1,050,000 $?1,010,000 $?1,054,339 $?1,015,200 $?850,000 $?1,087,500 $?900,000 $?845,000 $?962,200 $?850,200 $?310,000 $?511,232 $?437,808 $?821,232 $?745,000 $?1,565,000 $?820,000 $?310,000 $?500,000 $?435,000 $?810,000 $?745,000 $?995,000 $?795,000 $?310,000 $?466,753 $?426,688 $?776,753 $?745,000 $?770,000 $?770,000 $?745,000 $?2,882,384 $?750,070 $?620,000 $?378,824 $?620,000 $?460,000 $?1,501,450 $?565,200 $?535,000 $?643,950 $?540,200 $?535,000 $?885,070 $?540,070 $?310,000 $?204,240 $?361,060 $?514,240 $?460,000 $?465,200 $?465,200 $?460,000 $?563,325 $?465,200 $?460,000 $?502,575 $?465,200 $?460,000 $?502,700 $?465,200 $?460,000 $?465,200 $?465,200 $?460,000 $?465,200 $?465,200 $?460,000 $?620,825 $?465,200 $?460,000 $?432,941 $?460,000 $?310,000 $?100,600 $?335,150 $?410,600 $?385,000 $?432,188 $?390,200 $?385,000 $?391,866 $?390,200 $?385,000 $?553,851 $?390,200 $?385,000 $?501,676 $?390,200 $?385,000 $?594,889 $?389,680 $?385,000 $?771,453 $?388,120 $?310,000 $?41,982 $?320,495 $?351,982 $?310,000 $?315,200 $?315,200PLAYERBASE SALARYSIGN BONUSALL BONUSESCAP VALUESALARYPOSITION $?1,900,000 $?3,000,000 $?7,500,000 $?9,750,000 $?9,500,000 $?14,300,000 $?9,500,000 $?385,000 $?2,927,915 $?9,185,000 $?4,500,000 $?7,665,764 $?4,750,000 $?2,200,000 $?5,675,000 $?4,400,000 $?1,400,000 $?1,500,000 $?3,000,000 $?3,750,000 $?1,650,000 $?1,750,000 $?2,187,500 $?3,500,000 $?3,400,000 $?5,200,000 $?3,500,000 $?700,000 $?4,501,750 $?3,400,000 $?2,400,000 $?4,433,333 $?2,600,000 $?2,400,000 $?3,325,000 $?2,600,000 $?2,483,000 $?2,484,690 $?2,484,690 $?1,000,000 $?2,375,000 $?2,375,000 $?750,000 $?1,000,000 $?1,850,000 $?2,350,000 $?310,000 $?2,036,000 $?819,000 $?2,346,000 $?2,000,000 $?3,200,000 $?2,200,000 $?1,545,000 $?1,550,850 $?1,550,850 $?1,545,000 $?1,549,290 $?1,549,290 $?1,200,000 $?1,669,396 $?1,500,000 $?1,150,000 $?1,450,000 $?1,200,000 $?310,000 $?863,020 $?863,020 $?525,755 $?1,173,020 $?310,000 $?622,020 $?465,505 $?932,020 $?750,000 $?150,000 $?903,120 $?903,120 $?310,000 $?509,020 $?437,255 $?819,020 $?660,000 $?1,712,500 $?710,000 $?682,500 $?1,880,590 $?688,090 $?620,000 $?25,000 $?510,000 $?670,000 $?620,000 $?626,110 $?626,110 $?620,000 $?630,980 $?625,980 $?620,000 $?461,950 $?621,950 $?535,000 $?696,110 $?541,110 $?535,000 $?535,000 $?535,000 $?310,000 $?195,400 $?358,850 $?505,400 $?460,000 $?466,630 $?466,630 $?460,000 $?466,630 $?466,630 $?460,000 $?466,500 $?466,500 $?460,000 $?466,110 $?466,110 $?460,000 $?465,980 $?465,980 $?460,000 $?474,297 $?465,460 $?460,000 $?462,860 $?462,860 $?460,000 $?297,647 $?460,000 $?310,000 $?112,000 $?338,000 $?422,000 $?385,000 $?392,280 $?392,280 $?385,000 $?403,870 $?391,370 $?385,000 $?508,735 $?391,110 $?385,000 $?391,110 $?391,110 $?385,000 $?391,110 $?391,110 $?385,000 $?762,860 $?391,110 $?385,000 $?541,230 $?390,980 $?385,000 $?390,460 $?390,460 $?385,000 $?582,250 $?390,200 $?310,000 $?77,510 $?329,377 $?387,510 $?310,000 $?61,678 $?325,419 $?371,678 $?310,000 $?7,500 $?313,750 $?317,500 $?310,000 $?7,500 $?237,058 $?317,500 $?310,000 $?7,000 $?313,500 $?317,000 $?310,000 $?315,850 $?315,850 $?310,000 $?310,000 $?310,000PLAYERBASE SALARYSIGN BONUSALL BONUSESCAP VALUESALARYPOSITION $?1,700,000 $?8,783,333 $?7,800,000 $?2,400,000 $?6,573,333 $?7,400,000 $?2,400,000 $?6,400,000 $?6,500,000 $?1,450,000 $?8,783,333 $?6,450,000 $?3,600,000 $?6,366,666 $?4,700,000 $?2,050,000 $?1,450,000 $?2,512,500 $?3,600,000 $?2,300,000 $?1,050,000 $?2,762,500 $?3,550,000 $?3,000,000 $?3,150,000 $?3,150,000 $?1,450,000 $?1,500,000 $?2,300,000 $?3,050,000 $?2,150,000 $?600,000 $?2,450,000 $?2,850,000 $?310,000 $?2,125,000 $?841,250 $?2,435,000 $?2,135,000 $?2,833,850 $?2,137,600 $?655,000 $?1,723,690 $?2,007,940 $?700,000 $?1,250,000 $?1,166,666 $?2,000,000 $?1,500,000 $?2,550,000 $?1,900,000 $?1,300,000 $?2,512,500 $?1,850,000 $?750,000 $?3,550,000 $?1,800,000 $?310,000 $?1,431,505 $?667,876 $?1,741,505 $?310,000 $?1,343,632 $?645,908 $?1,653,632 $?850,000 $?2,543,750 $?1,550,000 $?1,400,000 $?1,500,000 $?1,500,000 $?1,150,000 $?250,000 $?1,250,000 $?1,500,000 $?1,400,000 $?1,874,810 $?1,454,810 $?816,000 $?1,316,000 $?1,316,000 $?1,000,000 $?3,860,000 $?1,200,000 $?745,000 $?400,000 $?995,000 $?1,195,000 $?1,000,000 $?1,471,430 $?1,151,430 $?850,000 $?150,000 $?1,867,975 $?1,100,000 $?620,000 $?250,000 $?297,647 $?870,000 $?310,000 $?516,500 $?439,125 $?826,500 $?715,000 $?1,040,000 $?820,000 $?745,000 $?20,000 $?500,000 $?785,000 $?745,000 $?824,940 $?774,940 $?585,000 $?2,031,250 $?685,000 $?620,000 $?25,000 $?511,300 $?671,300 $?620,000 $?1,045,000 $?645,000 $?620,000 $?25,000 $?432,941 $?645,000 $?640,000 $?1,217,500 $?640,000 $?535,000 $?582,660 $?539,160 $?535,000 $?559,390 $?535,390 $?460,000 $?351,764 $?475,925 $?460,000 $?405,882 $?467,150 $?460,000 $?351,764 $?465,590 $?460,000 $?509,810 $?461,560 $?460,000 $?750,780 $?460,780 $?460,000 $?460,000 $?460,000 $?460,000 $?432,941 $?460,000 $?310,000 $?100,500 $?25,125 $?410,500 $?310,000 $?99,250 $?334,812 $?409,250 $?385,000 $?401,656 $?389,940 $?385,000 $?412,796 $?389,680 $?385,000 $?389,550 $?389,550 $?385,000 $?390,826 $?389,160 $?385,000 $?386,820 $?386,820 $?310,000 $?315,070 $?315,070 $?310,000 $?1,000 $?310,333 $?311,000 $?310,000 $?310,000 $?310,000PLAYERBASE SALARYSIGN BONUSALL BONUSESCAP VALUESALARYPOSITION $?3,655,900 $?5,660,320 $?13,660,320 $?1,342,059 $?2,699,339 $?9,449,339 $?1,700,000 $?2,901,950 $?7,701,950 $?4,305,000 $?5,810,200 $?4,310,200 $?1,400,000 $?2,000,000 $?4,000,000 $?1,400,000 $?1,900,000 $?3,500,000 $?2,630,000 $?3,637,280 $?2,637,280 $?2,623,000 $?4,227,810 $?2,627,810 $?2,500,000 $?4,706,110 $?2,506,110 $?2,400,000 $?4,073,946 $?2,407,280 $?1,400,000 $?2,000,000 $?2,000,000 $?650,000 $?1,000,000 $?1,750,000 $?1,750,000 $?1,545,000 $?1,552,280 $?1,552,280 $?1,545,000 $?1,552,280 $?1,552,280 $?1,545,000 $?1,550,590 $?1,550,590 $?1,545,000 $?1,549,940 $?1,549,940 $?1,500,000 $?2,701,560 $?1,501,560 $?1,250,000 $?1,742,773 $?1,257,150 $?1,250,000 $?2,545,332 $?1,254,290 $?1,010,000 $?1,061,450 $?1,015,200 $?310,000 $?703,200 $?485,800 $?1,013,200 $?1,005,000 $?2,441,940 $?1,009,940 $?1,000,000 $?3,103,663 $?1,005,720 $?310,000 $?625,600 $?466,400 $?935,600 $?895,000 $?3,908,306 $?902,280 $?885,000 $?2,055,590 $?890,590 $?310,000 $?532,000 $?443,000 $?842,000 $?385,000 $?739,656 $?827,990 $?310,000 $?498,540 $?434,635 $?808,540 $?310,000 $?464,000 $?426,000 $?774,000 $?750,000 $?4,172,386 $?755,720 $?731,250 $?1,452,900 $?738,400 $?735,000 $?1,656,040 $?736,040 $?657,500 $?1,283,610 $?663,610 $?620,000 $?787,150 $?627,150 $?620,000 $?4,588,479 $?625,980 $?620,000 $?465,720 $?625,720 $?620,000 $?2,624,420 $?624,420 $?620,000 $?437,647 $?620,000 $?535,000 $?557,030 $?542,280 $?535,000 $?692,415 $?539,290 $?481,000 $?1,415,680 $?485,680 $?310,000 $?160,000 $?350,000 $?470,000 $?460,000 $?494,280 $?467,280 $?460,000 $?573,530 $?467,280 $?460,000 $?467,280 $?467,280 $?460,000 $?472,348 $?466,760 $?460,000 $?488,652 $?465,590 $?310,000 $?148,500 $?347,125 $?458,500 $?385,000 $?20,000 $?385,000 $?409,680 $?310,000 $?97,000 $?334,250 $?407,000 $?385,000 $?397,150 $?392,150 $?385,000 $?437,490 $?391,240 $?385,000 $?499,950 $?390,200 $?310,000 $?78,250 $?329,562 $?388,250 $?310,000 $?12,000 $?314,000 $?322,000PLAYERBASE SALARYSIGN BONUSALL BONUSESCAP VALUESALARYPOSITION $?6,500,000 $?13,688,525 $?9,001,525 $?4,100,000 $?4,500,000 $?8,240,090 $?8,605,590 $?1,800,000 $?6,000,000 $?3,006,240 $?7,806,240 $?1,400,000 $?5,780,000 $?2,658,210 $?7,182,210 $?920,000 $?4,160,000 $?1,752,000 $?5,080,000 $?3,340,000 $?4,840,000 $?3,890,000 $?1,960,000 $?1,500,000 $?2,716,500 $?3,466,500 $?3,200,000 $?6,650,000 $?3,400,000 $?1,500,000 $?1,550,000 $?2,280,720 $?3,055,720 $?1,500,000 $?1,500,000 $?1,881,110 $?3,006,110 $?1,500,000 $?1,500,000 $?1,880,850 $?3,005,850 $?1,200,000 $?1,800,000 $?1,654,810 $?3,004,810 $?1,330,000 $?1,613,000 $?1,872,866 $?2,948,200 $?2,500,000 $?2,655,070 $?2,505,070 $?310,000 $?2,150,000 $?847,500 $?2,460,000 $?2,198,000 $?2,305,340 $?2,200,340 $?1,410,000 $?560,000 $?3,885,416 $?2,070,000 $?385,000 $?3,490,600 $?2,065,850 $?310,000 $?1,544,000 $?696,000 $?1,854,000 $?1,200,000 $?540,000 $?1,476,890 $?1,746,890 $?745,000 $?913,000 $?929,940 $?1,660,340 $?310,000 $?1,370,000 $?1,370,000 $?750,000 $?465,000 $?1,117,500 $?1,350,000 $?800,000 $?500,000 $?972,776 $?1,306,110 $?310,000 $?930,000 $?542,500 $?1,240,000 $?995,000 $?1,095,000 $?1,095,000 $?1,010,000 $?1,055,120 $?1,016,370 $?845,000 $?50,000 $?895,000 $?895,000 $?745,000 $?25,000 $?460,000 $?802,280 $?310,000 $?482,400 $?430,600 $?792,400 $?770,000 $?1,149,053 $?775,720 $?745,000 $?248,510 $?748,510 $?660,000 $?1,863,770 $?740,000 $?310,000 $?414,120 $?413,530 $?724,120 $?620,000 $?50,000 $?511,040 $?671,040 $?620,000 $?2,500 $?465,880 $?625,880 $?535,000 $?535,000 $?542,280 $?535,000 $?640,730 $?540,980 $?535,000 $?783,910 $?535,910 $?310,000 $?200,200 $?360,050 $?510,200 $?460,000 $?668,140 $?466,890 $?460,000 $?465,720 $?465,720 $?460,000 $?250,460 $?465,460 $?460,000 $?571,680 $?464,680 $?310,000 $?123,570 $?340,892 $?433,570 $?385,000 $?391,890 $?391,890 $?385,000 $?391,890 $?391,890 $?385,000 $?399,223 $?391,890 $?385,000 $?416,141 $?391,760 $?385,000 $?398,426 $?391,760 $?385,000 $?403,820 $?391,370 $?385,000 $?1,010,336 $?389,810 $?310,000 $?15,000 $?15,000 $?315,000 $?325,000PLAYERBASE SALARYSIGN BONUSALL BONUSESCAP VALUESALARYPOSITION $?3,400,000 $?3,500,000 $?5,570,000 $?7,500,000 $?495,000 $?1,706,370 $?7,496,370 $?6,500,000 $?6,504,810 $?6,504,810 $?2,500,000 $?5,070,000 $?5,050,000 $?1,000,000 $?1,000,000 $?4,255,720 $?4,505,720 $?4,450,000 $?7,273,176 $?4,500,000 $?1,400,000 $?2,700,000 $?2,081,890 $?4,106,890 $?2,600,000 $?3,606,370 $?3,606,370 $?2,900,000 $?5,754,600 $?3,405,850 $?875,000 $?1,500,000 $?2,381,370 $?3,381,370 $?2,000,000 $?1,200,000 $?2,406,370 $?3,206,370 $?3,100,000 $?3,100,000 $?3,100,000 $?3,000,000 $?3,006,370 $?3,006,370 $?1,000,000 $?750,000 $?2,250,000 $?2,750,000 $?1,000,000 $?1,375,000 $?1,944,390 $?2,631,890 $?2,580,125 $?8,186,495 $?2,586,495 $?1,300,000 $?2,056,890 $?1,706,890 $?1,250,000 $?1,250,000 $?1,550,000 $?1,250,000 $?1,502,080 $?1,502,080 $?310,000 $?1,335,000 $?1,335,000 $?1,200,000 $?1,548,556 $?1,206,890 $?1,180,000 $?1,575,000 $?1,200,000 $?1,000,000 $?2,150,000 $?1,150,000 $?1,010,000 $?1,012,730 $?1,012,730 $?1,000,000 $?1,000,000 $?1,005,070 $?800,000 $?200,000 $?1,003,770 $?1,003,770 $?745,000 $?200,000 $?324,000 $?945,000 $?310,000 $?610,700 $?513,566 $?920,700 $?850,000 $?2,740,000 $?900,000 $?845,000 $?50,000 $?511,040 $?896,040 $?310,000 $?571,000 $?500,333 $?881,000 $?310,000 $?855,000 $?855,000 $?745,000 $?50,000 $?511,690 $?796,690 $?745,000 $?461,170 $?746,170 $?745,000 $?460,000 $?745,000 $?620,000 $?50,000 $?516,370 $?676,370 $?620,000 $?50,000 $?276,370 $?676,370 $?310,000 $?358,500 $?429,500 $?668,500 $?650,000 $?761,890 $?656,890 $?620,000 $?492,280 $?652,280 $?620,000 $?25,000 $?276,890 $?651,890 $?620,000 $?993,556 $?626,890 $?620,000 $?464,810 $?624,810 $?530,000 $?1,069,990 $?578,740 $?535,000 $?249,412 $?535,000 $?525,000 $?946,890 $?531,890 $?460,000 $?577,224 $?466,890 $?460,000 $?460,000 $?465,720 $?460,000 $?351,765 $?465,460 $?460,000 $?460,000 $?465,330 $?460,000 $?432,941 $?465,200 $?385,000 $?437,256 $?391,890 $?385,000 $?562,306 $?391,890 $?385,000 $?552,703 $?391,370 $?385,000 $?774,703 $?391,370 $?385,000 $?608,000 $?391,370 $?310,000 $?75,285 $?335,095 $?385,285 $?310,000 $?35,604 $?237,058 $?345,604 $?310,000 $?316,890 $?316,890PLAYERBASE SALARYSIGN BONUSALL BONUSESCAP VALUESALARYPOSITION $?5,000,000 $?11,250,000 $?8,148,800 $?16,251,300 $?680,000 $?9,652,500 $?8,600,000 $?5,500,000 $?7,407,280 $?6,507,280 $?4,367,500 $?8,040,280 $?6,373,610 $?3,900,000 $?6,400,390 $?6,107,280 $?1,250,000 $?4,400,000 $?4,250,000 $?3,000,000 $?4,775,000 $?4,200,000 $?3,900,000 $?6,005,330 $?4,005,330 $?310,000 $?2,400,000 $?2,050,000 $?3,970,000 $?3,025,000 $?5,902,230 $?3,530,980 $?3,000,000 $?4,683,574 $?3,400,000 $?2,650,000 $?3,860,000 $?3,100,000 $?3,045,000 $?3,417,500 $?3,045,000 $?2,975,000 $?3,475,000 $?2,975,000 $?1,900,000 $?2,850,000 $?2,850,000 $?1,350,000 $?2,587,500 $?2,350,000 $?1,800,000 $?2,091,110 $?2,091,110 $?1,000,000 $?1,000,000 $?1,000,000 $?2,000,000 $?310,000 $?800,000 $?1,220,000 $?1,860,000 $?1,500,000 $?1,925,000 $?1,850,000 $?1,600,000 $?1,791,674 $?1,606,110 $?1,545,000 $?1,549,680 $?1,549,680 $?385,000 $?1,818,750 $?1,393,750 $?725,000 $?1,275,000 $?1,300,000 $?991,667 $?200,000 $?1,300,000 $?1,191,667 $?1,010,000 $?1,015,720 $?1,015,720 $?525,000 $?375,000 $?905,980 $?905,980 $?845,001 $?546,765 $?845,001 $?385,000 $?600,980 $?830,980 $?310,000 $?502,500 $?435,625 $?812,500 $?460,000 $?1,843,545 $?761,045 $?650,000 $?50,000 $?733,529 $?700,000 $?535,000 $?535,000 $?541,760 $?535,000 $?865,980 $?540,980 $?535,000 $?649,225 $?540,850 $?535,000 $?540,590 $?540,590 $?535,000 $?559,560 $?535,910 $?310,000 $?192,275 $?358,068 $?502,275 $?460,000 $?575,110 $?466,110 $?460,000 $?489,722 $?466,110 $?460,000 $?489,337 $?465,850 $?460,000 $?651,282 $?465,720 $?460,000 $?655,590 $?465,590 $?460,000 $?489,010 $?465,460 $?460,000 $?464,810 $?464,810 $?310,000 $?108,730 $?337,182 $?418,730 $?310,000 $?102,200 $?335,550 $?412,200 $?385,000 $?435,901 $?391,110 $?385,000 $?391,110 $?391,110 $?385,000 $?391,110 $?391,110 $?385,000 $?516,410 $?391,110 $?385,000 $?390,980 $?390,980 $?385,000 $?486,980 $?390,980 $?385,000 $?554,100 $?390,850 $?385,000 $?406,893 $?390,850 $?310,000 $?60,255 $?325,063 $?370,255 $?310,000 $?315,980 $?315,980 $?310,000 $?3,000 $?311,000 $?313,000 $?310,000 $?310,000 $?310,000PLAYERBASE SALARYSIGN BONUSALL BONUSESCAP VALUESALARYPOSITION $?6,950,000 $?10,250,000 $?17,000,000 $?3,000,000 $?12,500,000 $?5,507,280 $?15,507,280 $?9,957,000 $?9,957,000 $?9,957,000 $?5,325,000 $?7,666,752 $?5,525,000 $?1,850,000 $?2,857,280 $?4,857,280 $?4,380,000 $?6,197,280 $?4,387,280 $?1,750,000 $?2,400,000 $?2,557,280 $?4,157,280 $?385,000 $?1,426,030 $?4,022,280 $?2,000,000 $?5,007,280 $?4,007,280 $?1,350,000 $?2,250,000 $?2,487,280 $?3,907,280 $?2,875,000 $?7,407,280 $?2,882,280 $?2,792,000 $?2,799,280 $?2,799,280 $?2,500,000 $?3,307,280 $?2,507,280 $?2,100,000 $?3,000,000 $?2,150,000 $?2,000,000 $?2,757,280 $?2,007,280 $?900,000 $?1,000,000 $?1,240,613 $?1,907,280 $?1,390,000 $?1,753,530 $?1,872,280 $?310,000 $?1,410,000 $?662,500 $?1,720,000 $?1,000,000 $?1,669,780 $?1,707,280 $?800,000 $?1,707,280 $?1,707,280 $?600,000 $?945,000 $?922,280 $?1,552,280 $?1,200,000 $?1,950,000 $?1,550,000 $?310,000 $?1,516,000 $?1,516,000 $?1,500,000 $?2,007,280 $?1,507,280 $?310,000 $?804,250 $?511,062 $?1,114,250 $?1,000,000 $?1,250,000 $?1,050,000 $?1,000,000 $?1,375,000 $?1,050,000 $?1,010,000 $?1,017,280 $?1,017,280 $?1,000,000 $?1,257,280 $?1,007,280 $?845,000 $?510,000 $?895,000 $?745,000 $?50,000 $?517,280 $?802,280 $?310,000 $?490,250 $?432,562 $?800,250 $?310,000 $?456,500 $?424,125 $?766,500 $?745,000 $?460,000 $?745,000 $?745,000 $?324,706 $?745,000 $?620,000 $?50,000 $?517,280 $?677,280 $?630,000 $?2,513,217 $?637,280 $?620,000 $?462,080 $?622,080 $?535,000 $?542,280 $?542,280 $?535,000 $?542,280 $?542,280 $?535,000 $?539,160 $?539,160 $?535,000 $?472,059 $?535,000 $?310,000 $?185,000 $?356,250 $?495,000 $?460,000 $?572,342 $?467,280 $?460,000 $?467,280 $?467,280 $?460,000 $?467,280 $?467,280 $?460,000 $?481,508 $?467,280 $?460,000 $?661,557 $?467,280 $?460,000 $?492,430 $?467,280 $?310,000 $?101,750 $?335,437 $?411,750 $?385,000 $?505,405 $?392,280 $?385,000 $?419,030 $?392,280 $?385,000 $?580,783 $?392,280 $?385,000 $?392,280 $?392,280 $?385,000 $?436,780 $?392,280 $?385,000 $?392,280 $?392,280 $?385,000 $?558,376 $?392,280 $?310,000 $?58,260 $?229,565 $?368,260 $?310,000 $?7,000 $?218,500 $?317,000 $?310,000 $?5,000 $?312,500 $?315,000PLAYERBASE SALARYSIGN BONUSALL BONUSESCAP VALUESALARYPOSITION $?1,730,000 $?13,500,000 $?6,680,000 $?17,480,000 $?14,000,000 $?21,205,718 $?14,005,720 $?1,500,000 $?7,450,000 $?3,987,493 $?8,954,160 $?6,220,000 $?11,220,520 $?6,220,520 $?4,220,000 $?720,000 $?6,960,000 $?4,940,000 $?2,300,000 $?6,700,520 $?4,460,000 $?620,000 $?6,130,836 $?3,950,000 $?3,750,000 $?6,055,200 $?3,755,200 $?3,205,000 $?5,305,520 $?3,705,520 $?3,300,000 $?6,823,333 $?3,350,000 $?2,415,000 $?3,088,430 $?2,419,680 $?1,490,000 $?510,000 $?2,700,720 $?2,255,720 $?310,000 $?1,000,000 $?1,170,000 $?1,970,000 $?1,872,500 $?2,768,220 $?1,878,220 $?310,000 $?1,140,000 $?595,000 $?1,450,000 $?900,000 $?1,305,000 $?1,180,000 $?310,000 $?678,500 $?479,625 $?988,500 $?845,000 $?596,471 $?845,000 $?700,000 $?100,000 $?758,824 $?800,000 $?745,000 $?805,000 $?755,000 $?310,000 $?437,550 $?419,387 $?747,550 $?620,000 $?1,820,000 $?720,000 $?713,000 $?1,677,470 $?718,720 $?620,000 $?50,000 $?511,040 $?671,040 $?620,000 $?30,000 $?490,000 $?650,000 $?620,000 $?460,000 $?620,000 $?460,000 $?1,456,970 $?610,720 $?535,000 $?50,000 $?586,040 $?586,040 $?535,000 $?562,855 $?542,280 $?535,000 $?542,280 $?542,280 $?535,000 $?557,970 $?540,720 $?535,000 $?539,680 $?539,680 $?535,000 $?778,640 $?538,640 $?530,000 $?947,386 $?535,720 $?460,000 $?503,967 $?467,280 $?460,000 $?477,135 $?466,760 $?460,000 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